Friday, April 26, 2013

This weekend we are at the Astoria Crab and wine fest.  We left on Wednesday, April 24th, our anniversary.  The first leg of the trip was down river to Cathlamet, then the next day down to Astoria, about 60 river miles total.  Had blues skies and great weather around 70f.  We have some special pics of our friends, Ron and Kathy's boat, The George Emery.  They are leaving Sunday to head up the coast to Alaska for two years!  We are so jealous and will miss them a lot.  We head home Sunday and will take us about 6 hours if we catch the tide right.

 Loading logs for china! U.S. jobs heading overseas..
 Longview Bridge

 U.S. Corps taking sounding readings

 Our friends heading out on the first leg of a 2-year adventure to Alaska

 George Emery



 Heading down the Columbia River

 Cool Sea Ray Pic

 St Helens







 Heading to Cathlamet

 Cathlamet WA

 Cruiser the Dawg!!
 What was that?
 Jerry and LJ 50ft wood boat

 Leaving Cathlamet


 See the flock of ducks heading north?


 Old Cannery

 Piller Rock

 Saddle Back Mt OR

 The Admiral

 Astoria Bridge OR

 Astoria Marina

 Had a minus low tide

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