Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Floating Turds

Kay and I seem to be spending more and more on the boat.  This weekend we had satellite TV and the dock set up.  I added a few more lights so you can make it up to the road without falling over. My friend Jerry took me to his shop and we (actually Jerry) made a stair ramp so we can get on the boat without taking your life into your hands using a step ladder.

I also had my high school friend Bill Marshal over on Friday night.  We hadn't seen each other in over 35 years.  He and I caught up and he spent his first night ever on a boat.  He and Mary will be spend a lot more time with us.

We also took up the carpet in the sun room and bridge deck.  The leaks in the "California" canvas was getting the carpet wet and stay wet all winter which equals mold.

So the floating turds.  I heard Kay scream "The bathroom is flooded!"  I ran downstairs and the bathroom was flooding.  Kay thinking quick got a lot of towels.  The water valve on the toilet stuck open over flowing the head!  No, didn't find any floating turds.  Had to turn off the water to the boat. A $35 part shut down the boat!

Kitty getting comfortable

Sunrise on Fisher Slough

Drying his wings

Junk floating down river


Yep more ducks

My buddy Bill!

Mowing the Lawn!

Now we are home!  Line in the water.

Boat boy doing his duties!!


Shiny and clean

The many faces of Fisher Slough

I out fished Kay  I out fished Kay!  Mom............

New Boarding platform.  Will be adding hand rails

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