Monday, May 12, 2014

Astoria Crab and Wine Fest 2014 and Hang'in at the dock

Lots of yellow birds too!

It has been a month since I have updated Alaskan Sea-Duction's blog.  Lots going on, all at the same time.  We have moved on to the boat, we gave back the rental house, sold the Sea Ray, getting new canvas on the boat and between all this e went on a 4 day cruise to Astoria.  Yes Mom I am updating just for you because I love you so much and you can stop sending the dirty emails saying I am out of the will if I don't update!  Well not quit, but I am my granddad's grandson, so I do exaggerate a little.

The cruise to Astoria was a lot of fun.  Missed you Jeannie and Rusty!  The weather was not the best but as they do in the PNW, we make the best of it.  Going down to Astoria was interesting a there was a lot of wind.  Kay and LJ spent time at the festival and as always she comes back with lots of wine and a nice boat decorations.  David and Loraine joined us and we loved having them. Coming back to Longview we had almost every type of weather you could have, rain, wind, squalls, hail.  Made it fun docking he boat at the dock with 30 mph winds at the stern, but Kay did a great job with the lines.

We have also taken pics of just hang'in at the dock.  For those that don't know, Kay and I are living full time on the boat and loving every minute of it.  The weather is improving and we are starting to wax the boat clean, plant flowers and lots of American Gold Finches!  We are having the canvas replaced, so that with some hard elbow work should make the boat look nice, after all it is our home!We are looking forward to summer.

I just call this Kay's flower, as I have no idea what it is.  I know it gets in my way when I sit down for dinner.

Entrance to Cathlamet harbor.  You can see our friend Jerry and LJ coming out.  Narrow and shallow.

Cathlamet WA bridge

The beautiful Midnight Sun


Heading to Astoria after the night in Cathlamet.  Already windy

Downtown Cathlamet

Stern shot up river.  Nice wood!  BBQ too

Kay like scenery pics

Nice pic, 3 mountain  ridges

Come on Jerry!  Kick the poneys

Nice little bay, maybe a nice little salmon stream.

Bird on piling

Nice pic of a buoy with mountain back drop

Bird on different buoy

Kay's rock on side of mountain

Pillar Rock

Old salmon cannery from the late 1800s

Pillar Rock again

Kay loves this house

Oh Oh, weather closing in...

Getting windy with good waves.  This boat really pushes the waves off, but I did get the bow wet

Astoria is a hard harbor to get into when the wind is blowing, so I chickened out and had Jerry go in first to scope things out.

Our friends, USCG

You can take this old riverboat from Portland over night in Astoria and then back to Portland.

Pilot boat.  They take out pilots to the big ships and guide them over the great Columbia Bar


Flaggs on the right and Kirpatrics on the left

Cross breeding?

The back of our canvas will look like this

A very nice GB (Grand Banks) owned by our friends Ken and Liz McAllister

The party boats

Astoria bridge as a back drop

Storm blowing up the Columbia where you couldn't hardly see the bridge

Isn't this a cool blow boat!

Lots or artic terns

Better hurry

Midnight sun
Storm clouds


Tug is catching everyone

Rolling clouds

Pillar rock again


Channel dredger

Hurry up Midnight Sun  Hurry!

Bird and Buoy

Nice pic of a valley with clouds

Figures.  Just as we are getting home a storm is blowing in

I guess I better hurry

Wnawa saw and paper mill

Kay's rock

Nice décor for the boat

Notice the part of the old bridge

Entrance to Fisher slough

Sunset from ASD

My attempt at the moon

some kind of varmint.  Not a beaver

At sunset we get these cool cloud formations

Fly over

This came out cool with the jet and moon

Our pain in the ass Sir Poops a lot!

Kay's feeders

Mother's day from Kay son Kody, Tasia and s. Kinnley

the yellow birds hiding place

getting new canvas, old one coming down

good weather also means lots of polishing, man this boat is big!

The homestead!

For mom when she visits

Get our boat name this week

The riverboat

Miss Kay

My true love!

Man this is a big boat!


Enjoying the sunset with some scotch

This moon came out better

Good Night folks from the Alaskan Sea-Duction

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