Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Over New Year weekend the ASD spent the weekend at Walker Island.  The weather was cold, but very quiet.  During the day there was a steady stream of seals working their way up river.  The past few weeks we have seen lots of seals in the river, so they must be chasing smelt or winter steelhead.  Had a quite New Year but I did blow the boat horn at 0001!  1 year till retirement and lots to do and learn on the boat.  We are getting ready for the boat show where the top 3 items is a new frig, AIS and cell phone booster.  Kay and I took some sunrise and sunset pics too.  Enjoy the pics…….

Our pet gull-Egbert at sunset


The sun is setting in the SW, but we are gaining daylight a few minutes a day 

One of the many birds we have at Fisher Slough.  A Grebe

Hillside at Walker Dock

Early spring  bushes turning red already

Looking up river from Walker Island

My bird watcher

All by ourselves

Some of these pilings are over 100 years old

CRYC owns the Walker Island dock

Looking down river

BPA 500KV transmission lines

Try covered in moss

We like it here as the water is normally smooth like this.

The big fish of the weekend....Salad

No wake guys

Sunrise at our dock

Love the clear cool morning and great sunrises

More sunsets


Love the wind clouds

Enjoying the evening

Great sunrise on New Year Day

Fog on the water

Seal next to the boat

Group of seals heading up river from our dock

Never saw so many in one place

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  1. When you are in the late lazy part of the day and are setting near your fire pit dreaming of things to come, toss several cedar chips in the fire...the Gods of vision will compliment you for your enjoyment.