Monday, October 12, 2015

Party Weekend Coming

Kay and I have been preparing the boat for the 2015 Spook Cruise.  She has been cleaning the inside and reconditioning all the teak and there is a lot of teak.  I have been busy cleaning the non-skid and doing a light waxing.  We are leaving tomorrow and will spend a week at Sand Island (St. Helens OR).  The past week we have had some GREAT sunsets.

We also have all of our safety gear, Gumby suits and PLBs (EPIRBS).  These are needed in case you have to enter the cold waters of the north Pacific and PLBs send off a signal to rescue folks..  We are getting excited to start our big adventure this next summer. 6 1/2 months and counting before we untie from the dock.

Here is to our friends and those who enjoy a glass of fine scotch (Monkey Shoulder) and fine cigar.  Life is grand!

Up river sail boat lit up with the sunset

One of Kay's roses than Ron and Kathy brought over the other day.

I use Woody Wax on my non-skid.  It is actually surf board wax that has been adopted for boats

All nice and clean and shiny

These just keep blooming all year long...

Nice and Shiny.....

New cover for the dinghy

One of many great sunsets..

I love the reflection off the boat

On of our favorite places to enjoy sunsets.  Look at the reflection..

Good Night All....

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