Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This is the capital of our great state of Alaska.  No land access, ferry/boat or air, that's it.  During the summer it seems all these towns are the same.  The Cruise ship industry seems to get a foothold in these towns, buy up property and then sell tourist trinkets to its passengers.  Items as shirts, hats overpriced restaurant and high end jewelry stores, all geared to its passengers.  There really no difference between Ketchikan and Juneau.

Other than real Alaskans looking in at this craziness the ships try and sell all this as the "real" Alaska.  Even the tour boats, floatplanes are not real Alaska as many come from Washington and Oregon.  They try to pass off themselves as real Alaskans, until you look on their boat and the reservation number is something other than 907.

We enjoyed our stay here, but I do understand why some Alaskans hate the cruise industry.  So to fix this we decided to ride the Alaska Marine Highway ferry to Skagway to ride the steam locomotive.  As we pulled around the corner, two cruise ships.  Dang.......

We have friends on the Columbia that have a boat just like the one with green.  Theirs is in much better shape

Kay and Flowers

Fireweed.  When the last flower on top blooms, summer is over

Tram to Mt. Roberts

Happy 4th!

Riding the tram

Looking South. We just came down this channel from waaaaay out that way.

Old native art in a tree


Looking North

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The trails are nice up here

Eagles getting an updraft

Long way down

Best Friends

That's an airplane landing!

Hey DYC!  My favorite place in Juneau

The guardian of the north, the Raven.....

I know some in DYC would be standing right next to me!!!!

Beaver with antlers.....mmmmm not sure

Inside the Red Dog

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