Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chapter 29 Lund to Mansons Landing

We watered up and left Lund with all the other boats.  Endless Tymes suggested we stop and do some bottom fishing outside the restricted area.  We fished in about 200ft and I caught 2 sharks and Kay kicked all our buts with 2 nice golden eye (I call them red snapper).  A few hours later we were in Mansons Landing after dodging all the rocks at the point. What a great anchorage.  The cars along the shore was a surprise. 

We anchored in 80ft and had our friends side tied to us.  I set the anchor rode with 300ft of chain as the current and wind came up. Held with no issues. We went ashore and walked over to the clear, warm lake for a swim.  This was such a joy.  The anchorage is a bit crowed but you can find room.

Tracey from Pairadice fixed an absolutely awesome meal with grilled tuna, mushrooms and a crab sauce.  Thank you Tracey for a great great meal.

We had a relaxing evening and it gets dark a little earlier.  Tonight it was pitch black and you could see stars and the out line of a town on Vancouver Island. Tomorrow will be a sad day as the Pairadice will be separating from us to explore the rest of the island.  We will stay with Endless Tymes and start down the east side of Georgia Straits.  The plan is to stop in Ballet Bay then down the rest of the Sunshine Coast to Falls creek to sample Vancouver BC.

The secret rock!

Nice and calm for fishing

smiles here, Miss Kay is fishing again

She has one!

mmm sharks, he went back

Kay too


Just wow, she kicked my butt......

Mansons Landing and dinging to the lagoon

Our very good friends from Endless Tymes, Brigitte and Chris

at the end of the lagoon

Junk boats inside the lagoon

Lake this way!

Roxie the dog

Great people, love them lots!!!!

white sandy shore of Hugue  lake

Brigitte going for a swim

Oh oh trouble

Guess who forgot their swim trunks

Pirate Boat

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