Thursday, March 9, 2017

Made Water Today!!!!

I made water today!!!! Ran the system in freshwater, so the pressure on the system was only at 350psi. Saltwater is 800psi! It is a little noisy, but this is due to the high pressure lines tied to the bulkhead. I think I will install some pipe insulation to try and knock the noise down a bit. My tank was at 1/3rd and I filled it to 3/4.

The one thing I was surprised by was the amount of "brine" the system bleeds off. It was more than the water my genny kicks out when running. So today I will be pickling it and shutting the system down until we start our trip in about 8 weeks.....

I found the install pretty much straight forward, The electrical connections were a little complex but if you are in doubt, hire an electrician. Next year I will be replacing some of the brass with the correct fittings, be it Teflon or bronze.

Now on to installing new carpet, bathroom tile and galley back splash! Then to Ilwaco for a week to dress up the hull, and have a davit and dinghy installed......

Thanks for following us.

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