Saturday, June 24, 2017

Juneau to Hoonah

Making it back to Juneau was a welcome site and bucket list item for Pairadice.  Both boats are so far working well. We decided to back track our trip from last year and take the ferry to Skagway and ride the steam locomotive again. The weather turned out to be nice and sunny. The ladies visited the brothels, The Red Onion. They got "special" tour.  I encourage the ladies to apply for jobs, but the application process was too long....LOL!

There were 3 cruise ships in this tiny town, which made it very crowded.  The ride was fun, but I couldn't wait to explore the night life.  Funny the cruise ship passengers leave around 7:30.  Then the locals come out to eat at the restaurants and bars, while all the other tourist shops are closed.  Lots of fun, but 10 shots of Fireball later, well I was glad to see the hotel bed!

We hung in Juneau for the next day in which I rented a car.  Drove out of the tourist part of town and restocked our supplies from Fred Myers.  They also have no more Monkey Shoulder scotch, because I took their monthly allotment!

The next day took us to Icy Straits and the Tlingit town of Hoonah!  We stopped for the night at Swanson Bay, where the state has two docks.  One dock was already loaded with commercial fisherman, but we found space.  The next day we tried our luck at halibut at "The Sister Islands."  Tracey landed a really nice one, 60lbs.

The scenery was just awesome!!  We are staying at Hoonah for a few days, then we start heading south, making Wrangell for the 4th.

The pictures did not load in order.


This eagle got lucky.

Tracey's first "butt"

The ferry to Skagway

Mendenhall Glacier


Hotel Skagway

Red Onion Tour

Downtown Skagway

The brothel

mmmmm  Warm bum in the winter??

Madam Rosey

Well no explanation here......

Lady Rosey tried to hire the ladies but.....

Alaska has a lot of waterfalls

See the railroad bridge?

This lighthouse is where Lynn Canal and Stephens Passage meets.

Little boat in a big ocean

Yeah!!  Sunny Day

This light house is situated on a rock in the middle of the channel on the way to Skagway

Alaska State Ferry

On the Ferry back to Juneau

If you can zoom in, you will see 2 small boats pushing this make shift barge

You see the current bubbling behind the boat

We are so blessed to have this weather

Entering Hoonah behind a local fishing boat

Pairadice and a cruise ship playing "Chicken!"  Ok maybe not, but it sure looks like it.

The old cannery at Hoonah


The Sisters

Come on fishy fishy

Sunset at Hoonah

While we were fishing a few pilot whales surfaced

Kay is trying to out fish me again


 Cool Eagle shot

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