Friday, August 9, 2013

Long 9 hours

It was a long day for me.  I started a noon and finished just before 9 PM.  This was the one part of the dock I was most worried about.  How was I going to deal with the gang ramp, lift it and rebuild the this dock under this ramp?  I sat in a chair many times looking at the ramp trying to figure it out.  It finally came to me to jack up the ramp rip out the middle boards, then raise it some more and put cinder blocks under the ramp.  Then I could rip the rest out of it out and rebuild it.  It worked for a while.  I was putting in a 6 X 6 X 10 under the ramp and I hear a loud bang and crack.  Half of one of the cinder blocks broke and the entire ramp was sitting on half a block!  Needless to say I had a brown spot in my shorts.  I worked as hard and fast as I could.  I got the frame done then put down the first two 2 x 8 x 10.  Then I could put the jacks back up and fix the stand.  Then it was a matter of putting down the rest of the deck, install the wheels.  9 hours!  Shower sure felt good.  Now all I have left is to install the hinges between the docks and finish the deck.  Then all I have left is the ramp.

After the blow out.  Notice the blocks

This is what it looked like after 4 hours or so

New deck and wheel runners

Wheels installed.  It raised the dock so I will have to make a small ramp


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