Thursday, August 8, 2013

Access dock coming along and some time to Relax

Last weekend we spent the weekend with our friends Jerry and Laura.  Had a great weekend, but then the playtime ends as I had to get back to the dock.  I am still rebuilding the access dock.  It is coming along, but slower than I would like.  The wind was blowing so hard yesterday, it would be unsafe to take electric tools out on the skeleton dock.  Today was better and got most of the framing up.  On Sunday I will be raising the gang ramp and rebuilding this portion.  We are also in the process of starting to look for a bigger boat.  We are heading to Seattle and Tacoma on Saturday, then next week we will going down to Stockton and Oxnard CA.

Jack the Dawg

Kay's Birds at Walker Dock

Back side of the Midnight Sun

Kay Jigging

My buddy Jerry!

Jack again.  Is he laughing at me?

Kay "FISH ON!"

A small Sturgeon.  Hook and Release only

Cool fish!  Good eating too, but Season is closed.


We have no idea.  Lewis and Clark reenactment?

Starting the 6 X 6 X10 and lining them up with the main dock.

I will be blocking up the gang ramp

Yee Haw! Progress

Starting the framing

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