Monday, June 23, 2014

Wax on-Wax Off!

This what my life has been over the past few weeks.  So today, I finished the first wax.  I used a cleaner wax a friend told me about and I was impressed with it.  Man there is a lot of fiberglass on a 48 ft boat.

This past weekend we went to one of our favorite places, Walker Island dock.  We were joined by Charlie and Linda, Ken and Liz.  We had a great time catching sturgeon and enjoying the company of friends.  Did I mention I waxed and buffed the entire boat?  I must be getting old as I hurt....

Kay is doing her gardening/flowers at the dock.  She is added beauty to an already bueatiful place.  We have been here for about two months and we love it and wouldn't trade it for any thing....

Sandhill Cranes

Showing the shine!!

This cleaner wax I got is just awesome....

The cockpit is finally done.  Took me two days

Works good on stainless steel too.

New back canvas under the radar arch.  The sunroom still needs to be done

Shine shine shine

After pic.  Before is below.

This is before

This took some work...

The shine on the white requires sunglasses

New canvas uptop

Kay's noise makers to keep the cow birds away

They worked for awhile

When the slough gets this way it is my favorite time

Like glass.  Cool reflection in the water

Always have a line in the water

Took the dink out and jaw jacking with the neighbor

Buffing the side

The key here was suction cups to keep me up close to the boat, a GFI plug so if I dropped the buffer I wouldn't fry my self.

At Walker Island Dock.  One of our favorite places

It worked.  We caught lots of sturgeon.  Them Deadliest Catch guys must have it right.  Little fishy tasting.. 

Using my granddad's fishing pole he gave me before I moved to Alaska

Kay spotted Willey Coyote across the slough

Who you looking at?

Our friends Charlie and Linda in the Orion arrived

My buddy Ted

Chloe the alpha dawg!

Looking Northwest

Wax on-Wax off

Dang wake boat!  We had an enlightening conversation about no wake zones

A special sight-White Pelicans


The ghost ship of Walker slough

Ken and Liz joined us in their GB Tranquility

Sunset on Walker Slough

Our Yacht

Kay doing the Titanic!!! 

St. Helens as we are entering Fisher Slough

House at the entrance of Fisher slough

This house is actually made of foam blocks

Summer solstice sun!  Cool pic huh!  Kay can take some great pics..

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