Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Friends and BBQ

This has been an exciting week.  My sister Kathy Smith (adopted) came into town to spend a few days with us. As it turns out, Kay’s sister had to cancel out of Astoria’s crab and wine fest, so Kathy arranged to stay the entire week.  Kathy’s BFF lives in St. Helens OR, so we had a boat full all weekend.  Yep just me with two blondes and a brunette.  Luck me huh!  Right! NOT! “Hey Boat Boy I need my wine glass filled!”  “Can you take us for a ride in the jetboat?”  It has been a good test for the boat systems. 
I started the annual pain of wax on-wax off.  I tried a new wax last year and just wasn’t happy with it as it didn’t last, so I am going back to my true and tried method.  I start with turtle wax polishing compound. Then I buff it.  Then I start with a thin coat of Starbrite Polish w/PTF.  Buff with a wool bonnet. I again rub in a second coat of the Starbrite, and then spend some time buffing.
For my non-skid I use Woody Wax.  It is almost like an oil you put down and is at first, very slippery.  Once it sits for a period of time I use a lot of fresh water and rinse the deck and let it dry.  No longer slippery deck. 
So the waxing is going to happen over a period of the next few weeks and then again in the fall, so by the end of September, ASD should be shining.
Yesterday (Sunday) I spent the day smoking and slowly cooking ribs over a charcoal BBQ.  The ladies where just enjoying the sunshine (80f!) and taking it easy.  Kay tried out her new kayak and found out it is a lot of fun.  Then we had our friends Jerry, Laura, Kathy and Ron to join us in a great Sunday afternoon dinner.  Fun times.

We are leaving Thursday and heading to the Astoria Crab and Wine Fest!  This is one of our favorite cruises as there is fun for everyone.  We will leave mid-morning and spend the night in Cathlamet, WA, then get up early Friday and try to be in Astoria before the noon winds pick up.  Then the fun starts, but that is a different posting!

Another sunset

Sister Kathy

Cruiser relaxing on my bridge

Notice the glass of wine

Ms. Dana

Ron and a fisher slough sunset


future wine maker?

Old Piling and a Burning Sunset

This is a reflection on the window

Going Going Gone

Beer , sunny hairy legs and Life is good

Sunny Day and 80f

My Windlass and chain

Attempt at a Selfie

Ron and Kathy

Kay's Flowers

More of Kay's Flowers

Bye Bye Gone

Glass of Scotch held over the fire pit

Calm Waters

Am I a lucky Guy or What???

3 Angels on the Swim Platform

They were Stopping cars and getting the guys a look'in

Smooth Waters and 82f

Yum Yum

Company Arrives for a BBQ ribs

One of my Best Friends Ron Evans

Practicing her Kyaking

Looking Good

My New Anchor

77lbs and 550 ft of Chain

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