Saturday, May 25, 2013

Great Day Memorial Day weekend part 2 Log Pond

Woke up by cows upset cause the bird would not move.  It was mostly cloudy skies and as it progressed it go warmer and we got blue sky.  We turned the a few boats to stern tie them and welcomed some more club members.  We have about 15 boats in the log pond.  Jerry and LJ came by on their way to Sand island and I met them in the middle of the Columbia River in m y dink for a horse trade.  Left over crab chowder for 2 dozen cookies.  Then this evening the club all got together for the dinghy pot luck dinner.  This has been a 17 year tradition.  Everyone gets together on their dinks all tied up together and everyone brings a dish.  Great fun.  Then I took Kay to "love" canal and trolled a little were she caught a real nice small mouth bass, her first on the Columbia (no pics because we forgot the camera).  All in all a great day.

 Dumb ass cows
 Dan figured out he couldn't get to shore
Getting ready for dink ride
 Little blow boats
 The group!

 Entrance to "Love Canal."

 Opens up to a nice pond

 Old duck blind

 Kay and her flowers

 Yep it was that nice today
Trying a paddle board
 Dink JR
 Don't Aussies know how to surf?
Maybe not
 Nap time

 The party

 mmmm good


 17 year dinghy pot luck tradition
 Some even dress for the occation

 The club....

 If you notice Jon and Cindy with a formal table, table cloth, flowers and fine wine

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  1. Great pictures guys! What a great blog! Love you! Sorry to bail so fast but the wind was causing us to make Danno's anchor drag and we needed to hightail it!