Saturday, May 25, 2013

We are spending the weekend with our yacht club at Martian Island log pond.  When we first got here Thursday afternoon the wind was just howling!  Tried for 2 hours and could get the anchor to hook.  It was very frustrating. We final gave up and tied up on the other side.  The dock is a mess and broke anchor, so the end was loose.  It's sad as this was a nice dock and the yacht club that owns it has let it fall into disrepair.  Dave and Loraine got here just before dark and rafted to us for the night.  The next day Dave took his boat to the dock and we ran his anchor out to tie the end up. Slowly Friday the rest of our group arrived and we moved to the dock.  Had a potluck dinner and Dan entertained the ladies on his piano.  Earlier in the day Dan "de-pantsed" Brad's son.  He got Dan back by putting cellophane across Dan's toilet and he ended up pissing on himself.  OMG we were rolling on the dock laughing.  Brad's son got his revenge!
 Attaching a stern line a stern line
 Working to get Dave's anchor out
 Dave and Loraine's boat

 Still trying to get the anchor done

 Dan's boat

 Everyone at the dock
 Brad and Kelly's 80ft 1942 coast guard boat
 Start of dink races

 Dan entertaining us on his piano

Party on Dave's boat

 Ready with the breakfast of champions

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