Monday, May 27, 2013

Log Pond 2013 Part 2

Had a great day yesterday as the weather was nice with just a little rain.  I held a flare safety class in which club members had the opportunity to shoot off flares.  We all found out that most of us, even though we carry flares had never shot them off.  We also found out there were some flares we did not like such as the ones you pull the chain on as they will  leak hot stuff onto your hand.  We had some dinghy races and I tried to keep up but I only had a 5hp motor.  Kay we need a bigger dink and motor! Dan, Cindy, Jon and Benny all went kayaking.  Well as always happens with Dan it is always an adventure.  He dropped his phone in the water and went in to get it, while Cindy went in at the dock trying to get out of het kayak.  After pissing on himself (cellophane over his toilet) he only had one set of cloths left!  We had a great Mexican theme dinner and sat around the propane camp fire and had a great party.  Woke up this morning to driving rain and hard winds.  It will be interesting getting out of here today with the condition of the dock.
 Flare instructions

 No none knows what kind of flare this is.  Do you?

 Showing Benny.  He did a great job.

 We were expecting the red signal flares to shoot out something, but nothing did!  There are just expensive road flares...

Stef aiming at a duck!!

Somewhere in this pic is a red flare...

Crew of the "Boat"
 This is a great pic. Loraine in a fish bowl

 Jon and his kayak


 The Boat
 Cest La Vie

 Not Blue

 This morning. Very nasty

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