Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Starting the connecting dock

This is the dock that runs from the gang ramp to the main dock.  It has square timbers for the main dock floats instead of logs.  I tore the deck off to see how I was going to place the float barrels.  This time I got my barrels in Portland from an oriental sauce company.  I am really impressed with the quality of the barrels. I place 4 barrels today and it raised the dock a couple of inches.  On one corner before I placed the barrel, I could put it under the water.  With the barrel in place I can't sink it.  I have one barrel to place under the ramp, but will have to get into the water to do it.  The water was 69 yesterday.  The foam currently under the dock is in good shape.  I will also be getting a heavy duty hinge to connect this dock to the main dock.  The challenge will be working around the ramp.

This will be an issue, but I am working around it. I will be installing wheels on the ramp.

Before tear down

Standing on a floating timber.  I will be raising the deck 12"

After tear down

A float barrel

Great sunsets here on the lower Columbia

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