Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dock upgrades

Worked on the electric and water this weekend.  Ran conduit to another dock electric box and finished running water to the other end of the dock.  We are now all set up for winter and have a good supply of water for the new boat without having water hoses and cables all over the dock.  Everything is neat ant tidy.  Kay spent the weekend with her sister Jeannie and brother-in-law Rusty vineyard hopping in Oregon.  They spend the night with us on the boat.

The boat is feeling more like home than the place we are renting.....


  1. Mom said your boat is amazing. Super happy for you both.

  2. Tom,
    Have you made any provisions to keep your water lines from freezing. You can always run heat tape down them. They are thermostatically controlled and will prevent the lines from freezing. I use to use them on the trailer water lines in Klamath Falls when I was going to college. Worked great. Use little to no energy.
    Patrick aka Papa Charlie

  3. The only thing I have done is to install a valve at the top of the hill and one at the end of the line. On those nights that it will get cold enough to freeze, I will shut off the water and drain the line....