Thursday, October 3, 2013

Great First Day

After a long day of driving yesterday, Kay and I had a great first day cruise.  We did leave with the tide against us, buy we still made it to Sausalito in about 5 hours.  Once we got into San Pueblo bay, the boat seem to take off at 16mph at 2000rpms.  Richardson bay is a very busy place.  Took on some fuel and got a tie up for the night.  A lot of you have been following our spot.  We will be leaving for the big water tomorrow mid morning and hope to arrive in Crescent City 28-29 hours later where we will take on fuel and weather permitting go to Newport, OR.  From there it is only 100 miles to the Columbia River.  Only issue today is a plugged fwd toilet that I can't unplug, so it will have to wait til I get home.

Getting ready

Kay tossing the lines

Leaving Driftwood Marina


Narrow entrance

First bridge

Look how brown the hills are...dry


Navel yard

Navy grave yard

Narrow passage to San Pueblo Bay



Fast ferry

Seal had fish, sea gulls wanted some

Admiral driving

S.F. Bay

Golden Gate Bridge

Docked in Sausalito



  1. Congrats on your first day! Beautiful pictures of my old hometown! I loved living in Sausalito!

  2. Thanks for the pictures! Have a great trip!