Thursday, June 6, 2013


Well we close on our dock tomorrow.  Then the work begins.  The bank needs to be cleaned up and electric and water restored to the dock. I will be removing the deck off the floating logs and securing the dock all together.  Then I will be rebuilding the deck with 2x8x10 pressure treated wood, ten I will be building a storage building.  Lots of work to do, but time to do it.  This will be our future home.  No the sailboat and canoe does not come with the dock.
 Lots of dead brush to remove.  The dock is 81 feet long.


 We own half of the gravel.

 See all the trash in the water?  That will be gone with the first good low tide.
 It has cement stairs down to the gang plank.  Kay loves this and makes it safe to get down to the dock.
 Once all the dead brush is gone, Kay can plant flowers and bird feeders
 All this top deck will be ripped up
 Wheels and an additional ramp to make it safer.
 Dock queen!!!
 The electric box will be moved and re-wired.
 I got a good floating log.

This is a good piling.  We own 5 pilings.  2 of them will need to be replaced.  We will be replacing all of them with steel pilings.

Looking down river.....

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