Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coming along

Well I finally got the cross members set and the frame built on 40' of the 80' dock.  All I have to do is set the railing, so I can move and tie up the boat on the new dock.  Here in the PNW they prefer using these railings over cleats.  It is a 4 x 4 set on spacers (and chuck of 4 x 4) the entire length of the dock.  This way you can tie up the boat anywhere on the dock and not have to find cleats that may or may not fit.  I just didn't have the hardware, so I had to order it and should be here tomorrow.  Then I will move the boat down and start with the other 40'.

Truck load, then we have to haul it down to the dock a board at a time.

It has started

Frame set

Box around the first piling.  The gray squares ate a hard plastic and will protect the piling and the dock.  I also plan to put these squares on the piling itself and when the two plastic pieces rub each other they are very slick.

My helper.

Done for the day.  It is starting to look like a dock.

Beautiful sunsets on fisher slough

There is some famous Willow Grove sweet corn being grown out there.  can't wait.

Back at it again

My helper would determine which way to lay the board.  The grain needs to be cuped or an upside down "U"


Screwing 1 board at a time.

I made this spacer from 3 carpenter's pencils. It keeps the boards spacing consistent.

1/2 done.  The first 40 feet!


My granddaughter created a totem pole!!

Just waiting on hardware.

Swimming in the Columbia!  Kids are brave.

I can see I will have to get a ladder.

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