Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hard weekend

This has been a hard weekend on the dock.  Between hauling 6 x 6s down to the dock, trying to get everything as square as possible (which ended up impossible) it went a little slower than I would have hoped.  I was thinking I would have the top deck on by today, but I had to build a piling box, reset a 6 x 6, so at dark today I had the first 4 top deck screwed down.  Kay didn't very may pics so I will update tomorrow.  Oh, and the river has claimed 2 hammers and a brand new sledge

Resetting a 6 x 6 driving in 16" lag bolts

My helper and grand daughter Shannon

A friend loaned me this huge 3/4" impact and it is loud, but with out it I would not be able to drive the 16" 5/8 lag bolts.  I have 124 of them to drive in when I get done with section of the dock.

Shannon has figured out how to fish with no help.

Finally the 6 x 6 base is done.

Close up

One of the 16" installed lag bolt

16" long, 5/8 lag bolt

Grooving to a Beatles song

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