Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Big Dock is DONE!!!!

Well it took me over a month, but today I drove the last bolt at 8 PM.  I now have a 84 foot dock.  Now I am turning my attention to the 20' access dock and gang plank.  I am going to pick up 10 barrels tomorrow to provide better floatation.  I am so happy this portion is done!

I took a hoe to get rid of the grass growing on the logs

Last 40 feet. This was the hardest as there were not as many floatation logs as in the first 40'.  This section did have more Styrofoam which presented its own issues as I had on corner higher than the other.

Treated the Admiral

Working on the 6 x6 and 4 x 4 frame

Keeping balance.

Drilling pilot holes in 6 x 6 with 16" 5/8 lag bolts

Pic of the old floatation.  I removed some of it as it was old and wasn't any good

Still have to build a piling box

5/8 16 inch lag bolt

Securing some of the old floatation

Some of the 55gal barrels I placed for floatation


Lot of work here.  Had to load the 6 x 6 x 10  into the truck, then carry it down to the dock, walk the planks and get it in place.

Close up of a floatation barrel

Barrel and old nasty foam

Pre-drilling 4 x4 frame while trying to keep the extension cord out of the water.

Blow boat in Fisher Slough just below our dock

4 x 4 frame coming along

6 x 6 and 4 x 4 frame in place

installing the deck

Moon rise last weekend

Piling box.  The gray plates are hard plastic.  When I install strips of these plate on the piling itself, it will be very slippery, which will not produce any noise.  Next year this and another piling will be the replaced with steel.

Showing the frame and planks to navigate

Almost done

When I was done, the inside of the dock was right on and the outside was 4" short.  I am told this was not bad for dealing with old logs.

Decking done, all that is left is railing


Kay's feeders

Kay cleaned the cement stairs to the dock and I made flower boxes for her.

Kay and Shannon planted the first flowers.

Wild flowers near our dock

More birds

DONE and a drink in celebration


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