Monday, September 9, 2013

Reasons you need to do a survey before buying a boat!

Well good and bad day for the new boat.  Both inspectors showed up on time and went to work.  These two guys have been in the business for a very long time.  The hull inspection went well and only minor things were found.  The engine inspector also could not find anything wrong other than a loose motor mount.  Engines were ran up and both inspectors smiled.  Both stated the engine and generator were in "like new condition.  We took the boat out and ran both engines maxed out and got a reading of 2750.  Max is 2800.  The engine guy was busy taking measurements and checking for leaks.  Everything checked out and we headed back to the marina.

We said goodbye to the engine guy and he stated the engines were in good working order.  Then the boat was hauled out.  The owner and I saw the same thing at the same time.  The props were bent and the zincs on the port shaft were jammed up against the cutlass bearing.  The Stbd trim tab was broke off at the cylinders.  The owner was not happy as this yard had installed the zincs last March.

The owner was worried I would back out.  I told him so long as this stuff is fixed, then the deal is still on.  The yard will replace the zinc’s and port cutlass, any charges associated with putting the boat on the hard.  The owner will fix the props, stbd cutlass and trim tab. I am hoping we will still be able to leave on the 21st.  The fuel guy is coming out tomorrow to modify and clean the fuel tanks.  So in the end everything has worked out.  Looks like we will be the new owners.

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