Friday, September 13, 2013

The new Adventure begins

Packing up the truck with all the gear needed for the trip to Oakly CA.  The boat has new props and cutlass bearings, with new trim tab cylinders.  The fuel guy will finish up first of next week and I will have 4 clean tanks and filtered fuel.  When I get down there on Tuesday, I will over the next few days, I will change the oil (16qts per motor) and replace all the fuel filters, clean the boat and get her ready to go. I have a crew of 3, Jerry, Chris and me.  If we have good weather, we will depart Saturday, the 21st for Sausilito which is right under the Golden gate bridge.  Then we will leave at 2:30 AM, head out under the bridge, make a right turn and in 3-4 days be pulling into the Columbia River.  We will be running day and night putting into a marina for fuel.  I hold 600 gallons.  At least that is the plan.

As part of my gear I have a "Spot."  This is a gps tracking unit.  So if you go to my shared page starting September 17th you will be able to track our adventures.

Here is the website:

I will post pics as I can, but cell service will be spotty as we will be about 17 miles off shore.  Have fun tracking and put in some comments if you can figure out how it works.-Tom and Kay soon to be official yacht owners!


  1. Go Tom & Kay!! This is your new toy. and home.

  2. Tom be so careful I so worried about you because I don't like the big water love you mike