Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weather Hold

Well we are on a weather hold until at least next Thursday.  20ft swells are not my idea of fun.  Today Duke and his lovely wife came to the boat to finish up on the two main tanks.  It took Duke over 3-1/2 hours just to cut the hole in the port tank due to the insulation.  They finally finished at 5:45.  Tomorrow they will do the stbd tank.

This extra time will give us an opportunity to get familar with the boat and its systems.  So no "Spot" update until we leave next week.

Checkout the filtering system

Duke bring in the hose to take down to the tank

Nice clean filtered fuel

Inspection hatch on the back tanks.  He will be putting a nice access cover over this.

Three filters and nasty black from the crap on the bottom of the tank.

Clean filter

Charlotte manning the pumps

Suction lines going into the port tank

Inspection plate to be installed on the stbd tank tomorrow

Completed port tank.  Duke will make a nice cover to make it look nice.

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