Friday, September 20, 2013

Tanks are clean and we ready to take on fuel!

The fuel folks finished today and I have nice clean tanks and fuel.  They will be coming back on Sunday to make it all look pretty.  So I have a total of 200 gallons on board and I hold 600.  We will be fueling up at Antioch Marina on Monday at $4.05 a gallon!  This will hurt!  I told Kay to make sure she calls the credit card company to make sure we are making a big purchase.

I am hoping to leave on Wednsday to Sausilito, then out the gate on Thursday, if the weather improves.  I called Sausilito today to cancel our reservations for tomorrow and they told me that everyone was cancelling due to weather.  I read somewhere that there were 20 footers right outside SF bay. 

Well at least the extra time will give us an opportunity to make the boat ours.  We have been cleaning and fixing stuff.  Put a new shower head in the master cabin and fixed the stove.  The micro switch was all screwed up.  Kay fixed a very nice dinner with stuffed chicken and steamed veggies.  The dishes are my duty.  Kay stated this was our first cooked meal on our yacht.  Yacht, just saying makes me feel like I am being snobby of the rich and famous, but this will be our home in the near future.....

Sharing the dock with some great classics!



Wait a minute is that my beer?  Give it back!

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