Sunday, June 9, 2013

A great weekend

For the first time in awhile Kay and I have worked on something that is ours.  We are both tired and sunburned, but feeling great.  Today, we burned the black berry brush and man was that scary.  We had 2 big piles and the wind came up just as I lit the first pile and it became big and very hot in just a minute or two.  Started to burn up toward the road.  We were able to get it under control and burnt the other pile.  There was an old cedar bush next to the power pole, which was also dead as the state while spraying the black berry bushes also sprayed the cedar and a nice tree, so both have to come out.  I also found the water meter and valve.  I am told the water line has a hole in it on the dock so we will see later this week.  Will also have the electric turned on, so I can get the Sea Ray down to the dock.

That was scary...

Working at cutting the Cedar tree.

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