Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dock progress 6-23-13

Well one thing we found out we have very poor cell signal at the dock, thus the reason there are two posts for today.  It is nice have our own dock as we are not bound by marina or yacht club rules and regulations.  We did have our good friends over last night for a BBQ, Jerry and LJ. Forgot to take pics..  Went to the house and got six barrels and my air compressor.  The idea is to sink the 55gal barrels, move them under the dock, the fill them with air and pushing the water out of the barrel.  The barrels were free, and if I used foam blocks, the State DNR say they have to be encased.  They are about $125 each, so I am saving a lot of money.  Buy putting the barrels under the logs, it helps lift them a bit out of the water and stabilizes it at the same time.  The barrel has two opening.  One is sealed and the cap is removed of the other hole.  I drilled a hole in the lip above the barrel opening that has the cap and attached a long wire.  This wire is used to make sure the orientation of the barrel is up with the closed end up and the open hole is on the bottom.  Once the barrel is filled with air, the wire is tied up to prevent the barrel from rolling. Ron and Jerry turned me on to this idea.  Ron made this special tool that you insert into the open end of the barrel to add air to the barrel.  Once the weather and river heats up, I will get into the water and put the caps on the bottom hole.  Today I just about got all six barrels done, but I got rained out.  Sorry for the above book.



I have the first 40 feet stripped.

Jerry came over and inspected my logs and said I was good to go.

Don't look like much yet, but once the new cross members are in and a 4X4 frame, then 2X8X10 pressure treated wood will lock very nice.

I will also be building piling boxes too.


Super moon


Saturday night

Filling barrels with water

Using the wire to guide the barrel

Barrel installed.  Once filled with air, you can stomp on it and it will not move.

Here you can see the wire and I tie it off the 2X2 I have nailed to the floating logs.

Ron's special tool

Filling barrel with air.

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