Sunday, June 23, 2013

Starting of Rebuilding the dock 6-21 and 6-22-2013

Kay  and I got to the dock late afternoon and I started to rip up the deck. I have 5 logs for float, so I plan to put two plastic 55gal drums under the logs about 10 ft from each row, then fill them with air. I already have 4X6s that hold the logs together and I will be putting down 6X6X8, then on top of those 4x4 to build the frame.  Then the deck will be placed back down with 2x8x10.  As a bonus Kay caught a real nice steelhead this evening.


She thought she had the only fish for the day. A sculpin.  Little did she know that later that evening.  But this was the FIRST fish ever caught by us at our new dock.

Ripping up the old dock.

Pulling nails.  I will be using screws on the install.

This is hard work.  Yep that is a beer...Then we get to haul all those places up to the truck....

3 PM time to quit work, put the feet up with a little scotch, life is good.

Getting ready for a sun set.  This looking from our dock west.  Main channel of the Columbia River is just beyond the point.

First sunset at our dock

Looks like the forest is on fire.


Reflection in the water

While Kay is chasing Salmon, I am doing the Sturgeon dance.  This fishing pole was given to me by my grand dad and up until I moved to southwest Washington I never used it.  Best pole I have.

Kay does a great job of taking pics.  Summer solstice moon.

Look how smooth the water is.


Adjusting my solar light.  During low tide (or full flow) I can't reach this light.

Kay and her proud Steelhead.

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