Friday, June 3, 2016

Princess Louisa

Kay couldn't wait to get off the boat to explore.  The water in the inlet was teaming with life suck as harbor seals, jelly fish, bait fish and birds everywhere.  Kay was so excited.  We planned to stay 3 days.  The flotilla that was ahead of us was a Canadian group of friends that take a trip like this as a group a few times a year.  They had boats from a 22ft dory to a 40ft Rennel cruiser.  What a fun bunch.  After interdictions, Kay and I were accepted into the family.  One couple were from Sweden and they both immediately took a swim once tied up.  The water temp we 65f.  That evening all the windows came open on the boat.  Wow the roar of the falls at the stern to put us to sleep.  The air was fresh and warm.  Even as the sun started to the west side of the fjord it was comfortable 75f.

The next day we took out our inflatable Kayaks to explore the inlet.  There were harbor seals everywhere and once we were paddling around the inlet they would come right up to the Kayak to see what you were doing and then they would follow you everywhere like lost puppies. There are cliffs here that soar to 6000ft, then another 1000ft straight down under the water.  Amazing how much sea like you can see if you take the time to get close. We used our kayaks a lot during the 3 days we were there. 

At the end of our 2nd day, it started to rain. Lucky I washed and cleaned the non-skid on the bow that morning.  We woke up the third day to find Chatterbox falls twice as large as it was the day before.  New waterfalls were everywhere.  The slack low tide was at 10:50 so it was time to go.  What a great place, but time to head north and a long ride to Powell River (Westview).


Discovering Chatterbox Falls by kayak.

The cliff continues straight down for at least 800ft.

Can you see the kayak?


Can you believe this?  Trees growing out of the cliff

Super Hero holding the mountain

Nesting area

Kay loves flowers


Moon Jelly Fish

Awesome sail boat

Chatterbox Falls

McDonald Memorial.  The next day I had a fire going. 

Nice clear water



Sitting under a tree to get out of the rain

Kay liked the moss on the tree

Trails to the falls

McDonald Memorial

My Best Friend

grabbing a drink of fresh water


This was the day we left after rain the day before.  The falls doubled in size.

This creek put a lot of water flow under the dock

Lot of spay off the falls

Rain sure affects, even just a little rain

Leaving Princess Louisa Inlet

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  1. Hi Tom & Kay
    Enjoyed meeting & spending time with you @ chatterbox falls thanks again for the cigar
    Would like to have spent another night but glad we followed the little ranger tug it wouldn't start the next morning without a boost
    Safe sailing
    Freddie McIntosh
    ( one of the Canadian Crowd )