Monday, June 27, 2016


We have discovered a nice small town America!  This is a small community with friendly folks who are willing to give you directions with a smile.  Downtown is closed on Sunday the way it used to be in America.  This is a fishing town that is trying to attract ship work.  They have a new ship yard with huge lifts.  The main goal is the tug market.

Today the salmon nets go out at noon for 6 days.  There are all kinds of characters.  Fisherman are a hardy bunch.  Most are friendly and willing to talk to people like Kay and I, cruisers.  They also educate us on how to recognize nets in the water.

Kay dragged me 1.5 miles to the Petroglyph beach.  No one knows how old or who made these but they are very cool.  See the pictures.

Tomorrow with the tide we will be heading to Petersburg, through the Wrangle Narrows.  We will revisit Wrangell........

Totems everywhere.  I love history and these are great.

Front Street

Side walk downtown


Bird on a fire weed

Posing just for Kay

Trading Post

Bay outside of Wrangell

This is made from wood!!!!

Riverboat.  Small in this bay isn't it?

You can run your boat up on these at high tide and when the tide goes out, you can work on your hull

A "Big House" down at the harbor

Old totem under protective cover

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